Monday, August 20, 2007

Your TSA: keeping you safe from petite, white 34-year-old women with apple butter

TH and I went to Indianapolis a couple of weekends ago for our daughter's (technically my step-daughter's) wedding. It was a sweet wedding and we are happy to welcome her new hubby to the family. We got to enjoy brunch at the Cracker Barrel, a fine down-home establishment with yummy big breakfasts (eggs! ham! grits! biscuits! apple butter!). I loved their apple butter so much, I decided to buy some - since, like all fine down-home establishments, the Cracker Barrel has a country store where you can purchase all kinds of goodies.
Flash forward to the next day, when I try to take said apple butter home. TH and I only packed one bag between us, and it was carry-on. We mosey through security at 5:00 am and get stopped at the x-ray. The TSA guy opens up our bag and starts going through everything. He pulls out the jar of apple butter (sealed, mind you), and says, "You can't take this." I argue that the bottle is obviously unopened, and not really a liquid. Like the fine down-home government employee he is, he doesn't budge. Kindly, he states that it's not allowed. Miffed, I tell him I hope he enjoys my apple butter since I won't be able to. Hmph.
So there you are folks. The friendly skies are safe, once again.

ps. I really don't have a problem with enhanced security, but come on. Apple butter for cryin' out loud!!

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