Friday, August 17, 2007

Sabra is Awesome

The finale for "So You Think You Can Dance" was last night, and my girl Sabra won! I'm so happy for her!! She has been consistently one of my favorites; it's so amazing that she's only been dancing four years. And, I loved Wade Robeson's "Foxes" dance. I thought it was wonderful, so imaginative and evocative, and poignant...the judges did not share my feelings on this. Still, there was some amazing dancing this season. And I like this show so much better than "Idol," as the judges actually give helpful critiques and comments, and don't spend a lot of time bickering. Also it seems the dancers are more talented at dancing than the singers on Idol are at singing.

Now what am I gonna watch??

ps. Pasha, you're still my favorite guy. [Swoon.]

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