Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Around here we have our fair share of robins, jays, crows, and misc. small brown birds. I even saw a little group of quail earlier this summer - our state bird! But this week I've seen two amazing birds that I don't usually see. First, I saw a hawk! I caught sight of its wingspan as it landed in a tree near where I work. Wow! And today I saw this lovely - a blue heron. I've never seen a blue one before - only white ones. It was amazing - a slurry of slate blue, gliding a few feet above the river. It was so exciting.
Some cultures believe that birds are messengers, or bringers of signs. One source says hawks are messengers that appear when we need to pay attention to our surroundings. About herons, it says their grace, agility and presence reflect balance in life.
Hmmm. Do you believe animals and nature provide messages for humans? Are the messages from the Creator? Or does nature just reflect random creativity and continuity, and animals are just part of the landscape?

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