Monday, February 7, 2011

Tour of my Brain

What goes on in my brain, on any given day and at any given time and in any given order:

  • I'm Hungry.
  • Stuck song. Typically my mind gnaws on at least one song a day, ad infinitum. Today's edition: "I Gotta Feeling/Boom Boom Pow" by the Black-eyed Peas. Courtesy of the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
  • Work thoughts. Followed by,
  • Thoughts on the next vacation. Not necessarily in a desperate, must-escape-my-life way (although some days are like that). More of a what adventure comes next? way. Usually a few different destinations float around until it's actually time to plan. Right now Honduras, cruising, and Kauai are at the top, with Kauai the #1 hope.
  • Did I lock the car/house; turn off the iron/toaster/humidifier/other appliance? Followed by, I must have, because I ALWAYS lock the car/house, etc.
  • I'm Hungry.
  • I want to know more about... Followed by whatever is the topic du jour. Today it was, English royal history, particularly the Tudors. This is thanks to reading The Other Boleyn Girl for my book club. Wikipedia and internet searches usually ensue. Followed by,
  • What was it like to be a woman/poor/educated/insert social justice issue here/etc. at that time and place? Followed by earnest thanksgiving for my current state, imperfect though it is.
  • Work thoughts. Need another worker for this time frame...
  • I wonder what TH is doing/thinking/feeling right now.
  • Thoughts about friends, their lives, their struggles and joys.
  • Thoughts about family, their lives, their struggles and joys.
  • How many hours/minutes till yoga/running/walking around campus?
  • Shoot. I forgot to (insert errand here).
  • "I Gotta FEELING..." Ack! Need a new song...
  • If I pay XXX dollars every month, how soon will I be able to pay off the credit card/save for vacation/save for a piano/ etc.? Followed by,
  • Do I want my XXX dollars to go to the credit card or do I want them to go to vacation/piano/etc.? Followed by,
  • Should I feel guilty because I want XXX dollars to go to one thing instead of the other? Followed by,
  • Does everyone secondguess themselves about this stuff or is it just me?
  • "BOOM BOOM POW" Ack! Curse you, Black-eyed Peas!
  • Hungry again!
  • Work thoughts. Do we really need to complain about the copier
  • Wonder what's new on facebook/Internet/blogosphere.
  • If I go to bed at 8:00, will I wake up at 4:00? Followed by,
  • Is it sad that I want to go to bed at 8:00?
  • Did I lock the door/turn off the lights/etc. Yes, because I ALWAYS lock the door/turn off the lights etc.
  • If I pair that top and those pants and these shoes, will it be cute or not?

It's exhausting, I tell you.

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