Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anti-beauty industry and big-pharm rant of the month.

I saw an ad today for a medication that will help your eyelashes grow thicker.

So, let me get this straight. My teeth are not white enough, my skin not even enough and not the right shade, my eyes are not bright enough, my lips not plump enough or shiny enough, my face not wrinkle-free enough, and my eyebrows not hairless enough. Now my eyelashes are too thin. And that's just what's wrong with my face.

Really? Really, beauty and big-pharm industries? There are people in this world who don't have clean water, children who are dying from easily-preventable medical conditions, people who are starving and homeless, and you put your money into researching, developing, testing, marketing and taking cash from women who are already beautiful?

For shame!


Jeremiah said...

Because yours is one of only about four blogs I regularly follow on google reader, I feel allowed to make the following slightly sarcastic observation/honest question...

I agree with everything you wrote on this post and was just going to continue on my way until I came across the following on fb...

"Love. These. Shoes."

Because the shoes have high heels, which cannot be advantageous because of their comfort, I want to honestly ask (or sarcastically, depending on what the answer is) is there a non-fashion, non-sexist reason for high heels, different from the things you criticized the glam industry for?

-just a bro wrestling with the same idiosyncrasies we all wrestle with... =p

p.s. and easy way out would be, "Yep. Ya got me... touche..."


Jennifer said...

Yep. ya got me. Touche. :)

Seriously, the shoes displayed are from a line that emphasizes comfort and style together. The heels were not too high and not too thin.

Plus, shoes are outside adornment - not changing how one fundamentally appears (ie. face, body, wrinkles, etc.).

And lastly, I am human, too. I have my own inconsistencies. :)

Jeremiah said...

Ahhh. - that was the honest distinction I was looking for!:

"Plus, shoes are outside adornment - not changing how one fundamentally appears (ie. face, body, wrinkles, etc.)..."