Friday, July 9, 2010

Forever a Girl Scout

Or, how to be prepared

I made plans this weekend to prepare my disaster/emergency kit, in case of a, well, disaster or emergency. The world can be pretty unstable what with all the earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, mudslides, river flooding, and all that. And as we discovered a couple of summers ago *, an emergency evacuation doesn't give you time to go through your house and pack things to take with you.

* Exhibit A: when evacuation means get the f%@# out, NOW.

Thus - the disaster kit**. One for me, one for TH, and one for the cat. To be stored by the exit of our home and portable enough to carry on our backs.

**Et voila.

You can't see it, but there is a full change of clothes and pair of shoes, as well as "toilet kit" (ahem), and a space blanket, poncho, and glow stick. Also we each have a flashlight.

Kitty-boy's bag has food, litter, water, and will have a blanket and plastic feeding dishes.

We will also carry copies of important documents (ID, birth certificates, vet info for the cat, etc.) and cash.

For information on how to build your own kit, see this site. The wonderful sells many items, if you need help finding them, but for me? I went to Target and spent about $120.00. Many of the items will not go bad, so think of it as an investment. $30 of that went towards a pre-made first aid kit. Considering I live with a nurse and I am First Aid/CPR certified, I figured we will be called upon to give help, and would need a more complete kit***. You can make your own for cheaper.

***Amazing, complete kit for those who dig being extra-prepared.

If you have a medical condition or special needs, that is even more reason to be prepared and have a plan. So get yourself ready, because you never know. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Start small - any preparation is better than none. How about starting with a small bag of food and water? And put a blanket in your car. Most people have that kind of extra stuff just sitting around the house already - just gather it in one place, go to Goodwill and buy a tote or backpack and make a quick kit for yourself. Everyone can be a girl scout.


Dave said...

EXCELLENT! I love emergency kits. They are so Grandpa Lou! I have two large ones: one in the garage, and one in the basement.

They are pretty basic. Each is a big pelican case with everything below plus some other random stuff. I have smaller kits in each car.

0. cash

1. list of all assets and how to get to them, copies of IDs, copies
of insurance policies

2. relative/friend contact lists, maps

3. first aid kit, sunblock, insect repellant

4. wind up radio, wind up flashlight, wind up cell phone charger, 15 mile walkie-talkies

5. bottled water, power bars, bullion cubes

6. water filter and water purifier tabs

7. knife, sharpener, multi-tool, wire saw

8. emergency blanket, whistle

9. lighters, fire starting kits

10. toilet paper, tampons, toothbrush, toothpaste, trowel

11. survival manual

12. backpack, parachute cord

13. thumbdrive of valuable photos

14. diapers, wipes, socks, underwear

Jennifer said...

I'm still working on the contact list. I called my insurance agent and asked for an 800 number, figuring if it's a local emergency I wouldn't be able to get my local guy. The receptionist goes, "Oh, what a good idea!"

We rock!

Kate said...

I am totally inspired now! I did the one for work and if we have to evacuate from the office, I'm prepared. Now to plan a weekend to put together the house ones.