Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things that inexplicably make me happy

Thinking of my friend Emily today.
Who else loves funky school supplies? I know Em and I aren't the only ones.


Dave said...

I'm a sucker for school supplies, funky or not. Even though I have almost no use for them, I rarely escape an Office Depot or especially an Ito-ya (a high-design office supply store in Ginza) without a couple hamiltons worth of notebooks, graph paper, plastic files, and especially PENS! This from the guy who hasn't used pen and paper to write more than three sentences since graduating from college eighteen years ago.

cia ladybug said...

me! me! had 3 notebooks in my hand with owls/birds on them at barnes and nobles. managed to only buy 1. :-)

Anonymous said...

I do I do. I love neon colores sticky notes and cool funky folders. Fun stuff. Unfortunitly I think I like them a little more than my girls.-Jamie